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Stay Safe and Dent-Free this Winter

Soon 2021 will arrive. The New Year brings a new president and a slew of individual and collective promises and resolutions throughout the country. Unfortunately, we still can't announce the end of the pandemic. COVID-19 remains with us, and it looks like we'll be dealing with it for at least another year.

After the initial shutdown in spring, I communicated my concerns about balancing my PDR business with safety concerns regarding my family and all my customers' families. I didn't qualify for any government assistance, but it turns out I didn't need it.

I immediately put strong COVID-19 guidelines into practice and rolled up my marketing sleeves. I'm happy to say, business remains good. People still drive their cars and take pride in their ride.

For now, the hail damage season takes its leave and gives ways to the winter season of fender benders and spinouts. I'm still your guy. I will work with your insurance company, and together we will continue to practice no human contact service. And, of course, I continue to wear a mask, gloves and arm myself with disinfectant.

Another thing to feel good about involves the fact that Paintless Dent Repair represents the most environmentally friendly way to spruce up your car's body. We don't use paint or chemicals, and there's absolutely no animal testing! In fact, I use the tools I personally designed and market through my company, Dent Reaper.

We're heading into a good year. You will visit family and friends and go out to dinner, movies, and ballgames again. In the meantime, road trips still represent a safe family activity. If you've got hail damage or other dents, give me a call, and I'll make sure your ride looks its best.

I want to thank all my customers for your support and patronage during these challenging times. Stay safe, everyone, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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