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Big Dents

Performing paintless dent repair on large dents is both challenging and rewarding.

There are many variables that go into whether or not a big dent can be repaired utilizing paintless dent removal. 


First and foremost the vehicles paint must be in tact, cracked or chipped paint cannot be repaired via PDR.  

Location of the damage, sharpness of the dent, creasing, stretched metal, steel vs aluminum, vehicle bracing, and other factors all contribute to whether or not the paintless dent repair method is a viable option.

Any PDR technician capable of repairing collision damage would agree that it is a great feeling to know that you saved your customer money compared to conventional body shop prices.

At Gray Duck Dent we really enjoy the the challenge and great feeling that comes with the amazement and gratitude of our Minneapolis based customers when we are able to save their car from an expensive trip to the paint booth. Check out our Gallery to see what can be done with paintless dent repair.

If you have a big dent you'd like to have repaired just give us a call. With our Mobile Service, we'll schedule a time to come to your home or office (within the Minneapolis Metro).  Upon seeing the dent in person we can give you an accurate repair price.  

If we agree on price we can usually take care of the dent repair right there on the spot.  Time permitting.


We 100% guarantee your satisfaction. 

If you are for any reason unhappy with your dent repair we will not charge you a single penny. 

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