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Keeping the Family Car Safe and Comfortable

Greetings everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the summer weather. We all know it’s gone way too soon around these parts. Whether you’re taking a road trip across the country, visiting grandparents, or going to the grocery store, you want your passengers to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

Safety First:

Of course, when traveling in your vehicle alone or with your family or other passengers, safety should top the list of concerns. Consider the checklist below and review it periodically, depending on how much you drive. You will also want to look it over before a road trip.

  • Do all four tires have adequate tread?

  • Do your high, and low beams work adequately?

  • How about brake lights?

  • How about your shocks?

  • Have you checked your oil?

  • You will also want to make sure your turn signal works well.

  • Do your windshield wipers function properly?

  • Are there any engine or mechanical concerns?

  • Of course, you want your brakes in perfect working order!

  • Are your windshields in good shape and free of cracks and dings?

  • Does your horn work properly?

  • Do you know exactly where to locate your driver’s registration and proof of insurance?

The above suggestions may seem like a pretty long checklist, but I’m sure you’ll agree that your family’s safety relies on each of these items functioning correctly.

Comfort and Fun:

So, now for the fun stuff. Once everyone is traveling safely, you can also ensure your passengers are comfortable and entertained. Check out the suggestions below before your next road trip:

  • Washable pillows and blankets for that passenger snooze

  • Games such as travel chess and checkers may keep adults and older kids occupied. But if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, beware of little pieces that might represent a choking hazard; best to stick to card games instead.

  • You’d be surprised how today’s kids still like playing games that use their imaginations. Check out these examples.

  • Books and magazines, both electronic and good-old-fashioned hard copies, may help pass the time.

  • Make sure to have the tunes ready.

  • Snacks that won’t ruin your interior are readily available. Maybe stick to simple crackers, cookies, and other snacks that won’t melt or ooze chocolate all over the seats.

  • Drink pouches or sippy cups make ideal vessels to ensure the kids stay hydrated.

  • Of course, you might want to offer the adults slightly more interesting snacks and beverages.

  • You will want to make sure the air conditioning or the heat works properly depending on the weather.

  • You’ll want to make sure and keep some kind of non-toxic air freshener for inevitable travel odors.

  • And, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit handy for unexpected maladies and minor injuries.

And, hey, as you travel down the freeway, I know you want your ride to look its best. Before you head out, if you’ve got hail damage or other dents and dings to deal with, we will fix that for you. Or, if any damage occurs while on your trip, be sure to contact us here.

Have a great July!


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