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Time to Travel South: Is it safe to get on a plane?

Okay, we've now lived with the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years. It's getting kind of old, and it seems the virus will stick around for a while longer. At least now, we possess the tools to fight it with vaccines and viable science-backed treatments.

For many of us, it's time to get back to some semblance of normal life. We've been talking about road trips a lot this year. And, road trips, while great, don't really cut it in the winter. Let's face it; many of us will soon fantasize about a warm-weather vacation. Not to mention, your car might need a break too.

Airline requirements and recommendations for domestic travel:

Most of the airlines did a great job implementing cleaning and safety requirements for COVID-19. The cleaning and the mask requirements continue, but most no longer block seats due to the improvement in the overall COVID numbers. You most likely will also get to order snacks and your favorite beverage rather than get handed a paper bag of goodies and a bottle of water when you get on the plane.

For now, the CDC recommends that you're fully vaccinated before you get on the plane for domestic travel. They don't require it, but you never know when things will change, so carrying your vaccination card with you makes sense.

They will most likely do a temperature check at the gate and ask you a few questions. So, make sure you're feeling your best- not the easiest if you're catching a 6 AM flight.

With so many people vaccinated and wearing masks, you're unlikely to catch a cold, much less COVID, but probably not a bad idea to bring disinfectant wipes and pop some extra antioxidants before your trip.

And, hey, speaking of travel, I might find myself in Georgia for a meetup on November 13th. So, please stay tuned.

Warm Weather Destinations:

If you don't possess a passport or you're still a little reluctant to cross the border, plenty of places exist within the US to escape the ice and snow. Check out just a few that we highlighted here:

  • California during the winter months will most assuredly offer better winter weather than Minnesota. As the nation's most populous state, you won't run out of things to do.

  • Disneyland in Anaheim, California, opened its doors in the summer of 1955. They shut their doors for a while due to COVID, but they're back welcoming and delighting visitors. They do require you to wear masks indoors, but not outdoors. And they do follow CDC and California guidelines.

San Diego, California, boasts some of the best weather in the World. If you get tired of basking at one of the pristine beaches, you might want to check out some of the different neighborhoods, such as the Gaslamp District or Old Town. If you can swing it, consider staying at the historic Coronado Hotel, which served as the backdrop for the film 'Some Like it Hot.' But, if you don't want to dish out the dough to stay there, at least enjoy a drink as you take in the fabulous view.

  • San Francisco offers excellent places within the city such as Fisherman's Warf, Union Square, and Golden Gate Bridge Park. Close-by destinations include Sausalito, Muir Woods, and Napa Valley.

  • Florida will get you to that other ocean. They're begging you to bring your family there on vacation.

  • Orlando with Disney World and all the associated theme parks will thrill your kids and maybe even the kid in you. But, if you're heading to Orlando, bring lots of moolah. It's over $100 a person a day to get into Harry Potter territory and even more if you want to skip the lines. You will also need to purchase tickets ahead of time.

  • Miami offers a lot of diversity. If you want some extra entertainment in your beach experience, head on over to South Beach. The cuisine throughout Miami, especially Little Havana, will get you pretty darn close to Cuba. But, if you wind up in Miami, please treat yourself to the spectacular Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

  • Georgia may not represent the first place you think of for a winter get-away, but it does give you some pretty cool options.

  • Atlanta won't give you beaches or balmy weather, but it does offer plenty to do with sublime restaurants, lots of music, the Writer's Museum, Margaret Mitchell's House, and one of the World's best Aquariums.

  • Just off the coast of Georgia, a collection of peaceful islands await. Simons Island, Sea Island, and Brunswick let you relax, enjoy water sports or take in the wonders of nature and wildlife.

  • Texas isn't all big cities and ranches. South Padre Island's beaches will give you a great place just to chill. But, for adventure seekers, there are pirate ships, dolphin watching, and turtle release activities.

Stay Safe and be Prepared.

Before you travel anywhere these days, it's best to check out the airports' requirements on both ends and your airlines. You'll also want to check the mandates and guidelines regarding your destination and, of course, take whatever extra safety precautions you deem necessary for you and your family.

And, if you experience any fender benders or parking lot scrapes on your vehicle while holiday shopping this month, you know we will come to you to fix dents and dings. Just contact us here for an estimate or appointment.

Happy Turkey Day!


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