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Covid Quandry

As a small business owner I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. Covid-19 obviously poses a threat to the health of my Family, myself, and the World. It also poses a threat to our economic health. Don’t get me wrong here, I know there are plenty of folks that are much worse off than me in both categories, and we are looking into all available options. I don’t qualify for unemployment, I may or may not be approved for an SBA Loan that a portion of may or may not be forgivable. That said, I prefer hard work over handouts, and technically as an Auto Repair Service can be considered “essential”.

The Quandry is...

Q: How do I minimize risk and maximize value?

A: Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair offers many benefits to my clients and my business.

  • According to Minnesota law, the vehicle owner may select any repair facility he or she wants. It is completely the consumer's choice.

  • "You have the legal right to choose a repair shop to fix your vehicle. Your policy will cover the reasonable costs of repairing your vehicle to its pre-accident condition no matter where you have repairs made."

  • In most cases the customer or "insured" has 2 years from the Hail Storm or from the

"date of loss" to file a claim.

  • Repairing hail damage with paintless dent repair maintains the vehicles factory finish, which is by far the most durable and therefore valuable paint job any vehicle can ever have.

  • Hail Damage is typically paid for by the customers insurance company and making a claim to pay for the repairs, being that it is an Act of Nature or Act of God, does not typically affect your rates.

  • Hail Damage also means that there are going to be a lot of dents on one vehicle, this way I am able to restore the maximum amount of value while minimizing the number of clients I come into contact with.

  • PDR is an envirnonmentally friendly process, no harmful chemicals are used during the hail repair process.


Minimized Risk

As a small business owner I can assure you that I will be the only person to be in physical contact with your vehicle, with the exception of an insurance adjuster in some cases. Although many insurance companies do perform virtual inspections these days.

I will ensure that I do everything possible to protect my Family, my Clients, and myself with safety measures, i.e. wiping down the vehicle with disinfectant wipes, wearing gloves, etc...

It is also worth noting that with over a decade of experience and literally hundreds of hail damage repairs completed in my career, I will always stand behind my repairs and always offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


With all of these benefits and the consideration of minimized risk, Getting your hail damaged vehicle repaired now is absolutely the ideal time.

If you or anyone you know has hail damage please give me a call.

We'll be happy to help and extremely grateful for your business in these strange times.

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