var timer = setInterval(function(){ if(document.querySelector('[aria-live="polite"]').innerText.indexOf('Thanks! Message sent.')!=-1){ gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-831046405/2K7uCJ_WxIYBEIWGo4wD'}); clearInterval(timer) } },1000) }) So...why...Gray Duck?

So...why...Gray Duck?

During the very early stages of my Daughter's childhood my Wife and I got into a debate as to what name of the game our daughter would play; Duck Duck Gray Duck or Duck Duck Goose.

I thought my Wife was crazy to call it Duck Duck Goose. I had never even considered it. After further research I discovered that Minnesota was the only state in our great nation that ever said Duck Duck Gray Duck.

So... as a nod to my Minnesota roots I thought Gray Duck Dent would be a great and catchy name for a paintless dent repair company. I guess only time will tell if I was right...

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