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The Future of the Electric Car: It’s Here Now! And, Spotlight on Coon Rapids

If you follow my blog, you probably possess some degree of passion for driving and cars in general. And, hey, not only does driving provide enjoyment, even thrills, some of us need to drive to get to work..

But, we also do need to think about the planet and our wallets. Most of us grew up hearing about advancements to increase our gas mileage and cut down on carbon emissions. But, the problems we've faced over the last several decades may only show up in the history books once our kids or grandkids get behind the wheel.

Some of the way the automobile evolved environmentally include:

  • Manufacturers took note of the price of gas in the 1970s and created options with incredible miles to the gallon, especially for highway driving.

  • High mileage efficiency usually meant smaller cars. The small concept peaked in 1993 with the Smart Car. The Smart Car came from an idea from Nicolas Hayek, the CEO of the Swatch watch company. The Smart Car celebrated its coming out in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1993 as part of the Mercedes Benz family

The exorbitant cost of gasoline made the Smart Car a hit in Europe, and many models followed the one in 1993. The United States caught on after the movie 'The Da Vinci Code' came out. Those who read the book already knew the Smart Car was featured. But imagine the joy Mercedes Benz felt when the movie producer decided to keep the Smart Car in the script as the get-a-way vehicle with no charge to them. Talk about product placement!

  • So what about the hybrid car? Today, hybrid sales only make up about two percent of car sales in the United States. Technology that brings gas prices down contributed to losing the money-saving hybrid customer. And, the true environmentalist started taking note that the electric car showed promise of affordability and practicality. Owning a Tesla for the average Joe now represents an actual possibility.

History of the Electric Vehicle:

The end of the combustion engine vehicle won't happen tomorrow or any time relatively soon. But it will happen. No matter your opinion on fracking and environmental regulations, the Earth will run out of resources. The Electric Vehicle hardly represents a new idea or invention. Still, it seems we need to revisit and perfect this idea for the future of the planet and the automotive industry. Check out this timeline for the electric car:

  • 1828- The concept of the electric vehicle began during the horse and buggy days.

  • 1832- The first electric vehicle emerged.

  • 1900-1910 represents the heyday of the electric vehicle.

  • 1891- Porsche founder started working on the idea of the hybrid vehicle.

  • 1908-1912-Henry Ford took over with the Model T and caused a screeching halt to the Electric Vehicle industry.

  • 1968 -73- After a long hiatus, the soar of gas prices sparked an interest in electric research.

  • 1990s – Pollution concerns and EPA regulations create further interest in the electric vehicle ideas.

  • 1994 – GM introduces their version of an Electric Vehicle

  • 2006 – Tesla and Silicon Valley get involved, and the renewed notion of the electric car really takes off.

What does the future hold for the electric car?

The next decade promises to advance the sales and image of the electric car. Investments in the EV industry soared in 2019, resulting in generous profits for companies such as Tesla and Rivan.

Various car manufacturers recently pledged over 225 billion dollars to advance the technology and infrastructure for the electric car. Toyota and Volkswagen lead the pack in the EV commitment. Cadillac will introduce an all-electric Escalade in 2023, but also say the majority of their vehicles will qualify as electric by 2030.

Spotlight on Coon Rapids:

So, in case you missed it, I've highlighted the communities from the northwest suburbs for the past few months as a way to say thank you for the fantastic support and business. Please take a look at previous blogs for my shout out to Anoka, Andover, and Blaine. This month, Coon Rapids gets the spotlight.

You'll find Coon Rapids' approximately 23,000 square miles between Highways 10 and 47. Founded in 1857, Coon Rapids was dubbed a valley in 1952 and finally, a city in 1959. One of the initial attractions to the area was the raging river. The construction of the Coon Rapids dam began in 1913 and now makes up the regional park's backdrop.

Today, over 62,000 people call Coon Rapids home. Besides its natural beauty, it also represents a pretty good place to get a job. Some of the major employers include:

  • Mercy Hospital

  • Menards

  • Anoka Ramset Community College

  • Target

Things to do in Coon Rapids:

Coon Rapids represents an ideal community for families, and much of the entertainment qualifies as family-friendly. Besides the beautiful Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, options exist, such as Bunker Water Park, Grand Slam Family Fun, and AMC Movie Theaters.

When it's time for some grown-up fun, why not head out to Alloy Brewery. Whether you're a beer aficionado or you just like to hang out with friends and drink a couple of great beers, plan an outing at Alloy Brewery.

Places to eat and drink in Coon Rapids:

Like many populated suburbs, you won't need to look very far to find a chain restaurant. This northern suburb offers so much more from Mexican to Sushi, to ultra-comforting comfort food. Check out some great eateries like Texas Road House, Sushi lemon Grass, Fat Nates and others here.

No matter what kind of car you drive or where you decide to eat dinner, if your ride suffers from dent or hail damage, give me a call. I will come to you. As we continue to battle the coronavirus, rest assured that I am taking every precaution possible to protect my family and yours.

Happy Summer!

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