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Celebrating Dad and Spotlight on Blaine

So, it’s already June. This COVID-19 thing continues to impact our lives. Most of us will celebrate graduations, weddings and Father’s Day a little differently than in years past.

However, the restrictions continue to lighten up a bit. And, while we can’t go to a Twins game, beautiful summer weather still offers many other activities.

You and your dad won’t celebrate his big day at Target Field this year, but check out some other ideas to make Father’s Day or any day special.

Fishing and hiking:

Minnesota boasts an abundant amount of lakes and other natural resources. Though most campgrounds won’t open anytime soon, you’ll still find plenty of places for fishing, horseback riding, and hiking. The Minnesota DNR wants you to enjoy the great outdoors as long as you stay safe. You know the drill; wash your hands, stay six feet apart, avoid crowds, etc. When you decide to take advantage of nature, stay close to home so you won’t need to make frequent stops at gas stations and convenience stores. Check out this site to find a lake close to you.


In case you didn’t notice, many microbreweries started popping up in the Twin Cities several years ago. Like many businesses, these places also struggle with the impact of the pandemic. It’s impossible to predict who will open their doors by Father’s Day or to what extent. But, many of them do offer growlers and other products for sale. So, even if you can’t take a tour and treat Dad to a flight you can pick up some terrific suds for your backyard barbecue to help support these businesses. Here’s a list of local establishments to get you started.

Car Shopping:

Okay, maybe you’re not in a position to buy your dad a new car. But, most guys like to look at cars. If your dad plans on purchasing a new vehicle, this might represent the best time to do it. Car dealerships and manufacturers continue to offer incredible deals to stay afloat during this challenging time.

Whatever you do, make it a great day and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Spotlight on Blaine:

So, in our spotlight on towns in the northern suburbs, we’ve already covered Anoka and Andover. This month we’re traveling north on Highway 65 through nearby Fridley and Spring Lake Park to check out Blaine.

The area of Blaine was considered part of the city of Anoka until 1877. The first settler in the area came from Ireland. Phillip Laddy settled in the area in 1862, and Laddy Lake bears his name.

The land, once used mostly for hunting and farming well into the 1900s, now hosts many businesses big and small, including Aveda and the Northwest Sports Center. You’ve probably heard of Northtown Shopping Mall. Northtown encouraged a residential building boom when it opened its doors in 1972. Today, Northtown consists of over 100 stores and restaurants and even a technical charter high school.

The population in 1950 came in at 1,694, and in 2014 that number swelled to nearly 63,000.

All the business activity and people living in Blaine mean you’ll find all kinds of restaurants, but they also offer a lot of original bars and eateries.

Every year during the last week of June, Blaine hosts their Blaine Fest at Aquatore Park. Well, sorry, folks, not this year. But, they already plan to see everyone in 2021 for the music, parade, and great food.

And, if you live in Blaine and want something classy to do, check out Crooner’s Supper Club. Okay, technically, it’s in Fridley, but pretty darn close to Blaine. And, yes, they too struggle with the impact of COVID-19, but they’ve come up with some really cool drive-in concerts featuring top jazz and blues talent.

No matter where you go for Father’s Day or anywhere else this month, you don’t need to travel with dents or hail damage. I will come to you and get your ride looking like new. And, of course, I take all the necessary precautions to keep your family and mine safe. Just give me a call! Have a beautiful June!


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