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Mother's Day COVID-19 Style and Spotlight on Andover

When it comes to celebrations, 2020 continues to present challenges. Those of you who recently acknowledged a birthday or anniversary, know that it takes a little bit of imagination or ingenuity to make sure the special day doesn't go unnoticed in the face of the pandemic.

And, it looks like the same will hold true for Mother's Day this year. Sorry, Mom. No brunch at a crowded restaurant this year, no wineries, museums, or large extended gatherings. But, ways do exist to celebrate your mom and wife on their special day.

Gift ideas:

Okay, to the dads out there, you probably heard that your kids aren't going back to school this year. Your eight year old will not bring home a handmade candle holder to wrap up for Mother's Day. But, fortunately, we live in a world where delivery to your door of just about anything represents the norm. For some of us, it took a pandemic to appreciate this kind of service.

Check out some of these gift ideas to help make it a memorable Mother's Day:

  • Order supplies from or Amazon and spend day creating a craft project with the kids. You will find many ideas online for all age levels.

  • What woman doesn't appreciate fresh flowers or plants delivered? Why not help a local business and call a neighborhood florist to deliver that beautiful bouquet! Several nearby options exist, such as Ava's Flowers, Toni's Flowers, and Forever Floral.

  • And, speaking of plants; many local nurseries would love to get some business. How about surprising your mom or wife with a gift card to Bachman's (a Minnesota original) or a local nursery such as The Plant Place in Elk River?

  • A gift card to her favorite restaurant comes in handy for home delivery or she could save it for a future date.

  • Of course, a gift card to a spa or salon always makes a hit. What woman wouldn't love a massage, not to mention a haircut when the cloud clears from this scourge?

  • And, you know for wine lovers a half a dozen bottles delivered to the door makes a great gift. Most likely your neighborhood wine shop or liquor store will deliver or many online companies exist. You can't go wrong with Martha Stewart!

How to spend the day:

As I mentioned previously, this probably isn't the year you're going out for a jazz brunch. And, we might get lucky with the weather for an outdoor barbeque, but it's Minnesota, so don't count on it. Check out these ideas to make the day special:

  • Have dinner delivered. Skip the pizza and make it from a favorite restaurant.

  • Prep the garden for planting or plant it. This activity pairs well with the nursery gift card.

  • Go for a ride and check out the early spring wild flowers and maybe some horses and llamas.

Spotlight on Andover

A couple of months ago, I paid homage to several of the northern suburbs of to whom I owe much of my livelihood. As promised, I'm featuring one a month in subsequent blogs. This time I'm focusing on Andover. Andover boasts a population of over 30,000 but still offers a lot when it comes to natural wooded beauty.


Scottish immigrants first made the area home in about 1829. What we now know as Andover started taking shape in 1857 with an influx of European immigrants. Then known as Round Lake Township, the population grew to about 330.

The area which also included part of Ham Lake soon received the new name of Grow Township. The new name came from Senator Grow of Pennsylvania. He made a stop at the Township and gave such an inspiring speech during the Civil War in favor of the Union the residents named it after him.

Well, 'grow' it did. In 1972 Andover Village showed up on the map. And, in 1974 it graduated to the City of Andover.

Where to stay:

Of course, you may take your pick of chain hotels in and around Andover. If you're looking for Choice Hotel points, Andover offers that option. But, if you want to stay someplace cool, check out the Round Barn Farm. They also offer event space for weddings and other shindigs...yes, they will happen again.

Where to eat and drink:

You won't need to look far and wide for a place to eat or drink in or near Andover. But, for some authentic home cooking, try Pappy's Café. I dare you to find a better place for breakfast.

And, if you're in the mood for an Uptown type atmosphere but don't feel like fighting the traffic, Brio in Andover might represent the perfect compromise. There you'll find a variety of breakfast lunch options such as avocado toast and flatbreads.

Of course, for the time being, most of the restaurants offer pickup or delivery service.

What to do in Andover:

The natural beauty of Andover presents us with all kinds of outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking. Andover offers an array of activities with The Andover Family Fun Fest coming in as one of the most popular.

Okay, so it may technically possess a Ham Lake address, but if you're into golf or just want to go out for a terrific meal, you should head over to Majestic Oaks Golf Club. It's also an excellent place for meetings and events. It's such a vast property that some of it most likely touches Andover. And, rumor has it, my Great-Great Aunt and Uncle originally built it as The Golden Tee.

We will get through this COVID-19 thing. I am taking every precaution to make your car look good as new while following proper safety protocol. We know the hail storms will come virus or not. So, if you experience hail damage this summer, please give me a call. I will come to you!

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