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Holiday Gifts for Your Car: Making the Most of Family Excursions

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I think most of us would agree; it's been a really long year. But, at last, we made it to the holiday season, which means soon we will finally view 2020 in the rearview mirror! Good riddance 2020, and bring on 2021!

Of course, many of us will celebrate the holidays a little differently this year because of the pandemic. We may not gather around a table of 24 loved ones or go to an array of holiday parties or subject our children to sitting in the lap of a fat stranger in a red suit. That won't stop us from experiencing holiday fun!

The car now represents a haven to get the family out of the house for a while. With many of us working and learning at home these days, we need to get out of the castle now and then just to make sure civilization still exists.

This year, the holiday light displays seem more sensational than ever. Whether you cross the border into Packer territory, cruise Summit Avenue in St, Paul or just travel around your neighborhood, you'll appreciate how so many went above and beyond this year to spread more than just a little bit of light and cheer in our lives.

Rumor has it; a vaccine is right around the corner. But, it will still take a while before we're back to some kind of normal, maybe not until summer. But as the weather warms up in the spring, our vehicles may take us to outdoor fun such as parks, hiking trails, and camping.

Gifts for your car:

With all the time you and your family spend in the car these days, why not spruce it up a bit to make the ride a bit more comfortable. Consider holiday gifts this year for your family and others that will make excursions both short and long a pleasure trip or mini-vacation:

  • Seat covers add a homey and comfortable touch to any vehicle. Why not go a little crazy and go purple? These work for Vikings and Prince Fans.

  • Floor mats also warm up your car and save on wear and tear.

  • Blankets and pillows keep the kids warm in the back seat. Match the blanket to your seat covers or choose one with an auto theme,

  • Kindles with parental controls offer hours of entertainment. Or check out this Android tablet that works great for toddlers.

  • Car games are not a thing of the past. Check out these offerings.

  • Car fragrance makes things a lot more pleasant by getting rid of unwanted odors. Just make sure you choose one that's not too overwhelming.

Don't embarrass your kids by riding around with dents and dings:

And hey, even though it's dark when you go to see the Christmas lights, you know you don't want to chauffeur your family around in a vehicle that looks its best. We will come to you to fix any dents and dings caused by hail damage or other forces. Contact me here to schedule your car's appointment.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and let's make 2021 a great year!


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