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Winterize Your Car on the Outside

If you’re one of the millions of people who follow my blog, you may recall last year at this time we talked about winterizing your car. We primarily focused on safety and keeping your vehicle running smoothly during the frigid months. If you didn’t catch it, it contains lots of info on making sure you and your family travel safely during the holidays and throughout the winter months. So, it’s worth a quick review here to make sure you prepare for the inevitable return of the ice and snow. Also, be certain that you’ve got the proper tires on your car for the next five or six months.

But, while we acknowledge, nothing takes priority over safety, let’s face it, you care how your four-wheeled baby looks. You know, that winter does a number on your skin and hair. Well, it’s not exactly a friend to your car’s body either. Don’t reach for that bottle of Nivea to keep your vehicle looking beautiful though. Your vehicle’s surface takes a beating from dirt, rocks, and birds all year long and even more so in the winter months with snow, ice, and road salt. Specialized products and procedures exist to keep your car looking its best, even in the worst weather.

Protect your car from the elements:

Of course, we want our vehicles to look cool, but more than that, we need to protect our investment. Whether getting top trade-in dollar in a few years or maintaining our classic mustang to hand down to your son represents your goal, it’s essential to take steps to protect your car’s body:

  • Clean out your garage! Some of us end up keeping everything except our vehicles in the garage. Remember, garages were invented to keep cars protected! Most of the stuff that’s in there, you probably never use.

  • If you don’t have a garage, invest in a protective covering.

  • Try to park in covered ramps whenever possible.

  • If you do own a classic vehicle, try to keep it in storage during inclement weather.

Don’t skimp on the car washes:

If you’re driving your car daily, wash it, or get it cleaned at least once every other week. If you’re living a more urban lifestyle where you bus or walk to work, bimonthly washings probably aren’t necessary, but keep apprised of how much exposure your vehicle receives

from the elements.

Maintaining that new car finish:

Lots of products exist for maintaining or reviving your car’s outer beauty. Minimally, you’ll want to make sure it gets a good protective waxing at least twice a year.

YouTube videos galore will show you exactly how to pamper your ride, but if you’d rather invest your time elsewhere, turn to the pros for outside maintenance as well as that winter engine tune-up.

Keeping it fresh:

Not many of us want to crack a window when it’s below zero. Especially during the winter months, make sure your interior gets a good vacuuming regularly. A car freshener that’s not too overwhelming also keeps the atmosphere a lot more pleasant.

And, don’t forget about floor mats and seat covers to protect that leather interior.

Accidents (hopefully minor) happen:

No matter how much care we take, the winter weather often leads to dings and dents. Of course, we’re here to fix those for you. Make sure to contact us to protect your investment and keep your car looking its best for the holidays and all winter long. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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