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Mobile Tech Expo

In Minnesota, we take pride in not only surviving but also thriving in brutal winter weather. In my profession, I have learned to cope with all kinds of weather from blistering heat to freezing cold to get to your vehicle and make it dent free and once again beautiful.

Mobile Tech Expo - Dent Olympics

That doesn’t mean, however, I won’t take advantage of learning and networking for business in a much warmer climate. I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Mobile Tech Expo this past January in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to everyone at the expo for a great experience!

I know what you’re thinking, boating, sunning, Disney World, etc. Nope! Not for this guy. There was so much to see and learn at the expo; I was kept busy the entire time. It was still great to get a break from Minnesota’s weather, however.

You might remember, in my last blog I discussed the importance of having your dings and dents repaired by a professional. Not only are professionals like myself initially trained thoroughly, those of us who are particularly interested in perfecting our craft and increasing our knowledge base seek out ongoing education. Hey, doctors, teachers, and hairdressers need to keep up with their professions; the same holds true for PDR Techs. The Mobile Tech Expo in Florida was a beautiful winter respite, but also an incredible learning and informational opportunity.

national alliance for paintless dent repair technicians

Being up to date on all of the latest tools an techniques ensures that I will be better equipped to serve my customers. I also joined the National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians or NAPDRT.

NAPDRT is a Non-Profit organization that has been set up to allow individual PDR Technicians to come together to address the problems and issues that are affecting the entire PDR Industry.

The Best PDR Tools

I am proud to say, through A-1 Tool Company, Dent Reaper enjoyed a significant presence at the Mobile Tech Expo. The newest member of the Dent Reaper line-up, Baby Blue Reaper made it's debut at the expo.

Paintless Dent Repair Tool

If your car needs its dents and dings repaired, you need a professional who knows how to get the job done right. As a PDR Tech who has worked on thousands of cars, I have gained the experience to design tools to deal with the most intricate details of this profession. So, put away your turkey baster and hairdryer away and let me revamp your car with the right tools and expertise.

paintless dent repair videos

With Easter around the corner, I’m not suggesting you spend your Easter Sunday watching Gray Duck Dent videos with your Family, or have their dents fixed on their Toyota, (although who wouldn’t want that?!). But, if you want your vehicle to look its best for Spring

or any time of year, give me a call. Don’t forget, at Gray Duck Dent we come to you!

dent repair minneapolis

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