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Paintless Dent Repair: The Environmentally Friendly Choice

So, your car got left out in a hail storm, or maybe you were involved in a fender bender. What a pain…right? Well, with paintless dent repair it’s not as time-consuming or costly as you may think.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair or PDR began in 1960. Oskar Flagg was in charge of the repairs on the Mercedes at the International Motor Sports Show and decided he needed to come up with a way to fix minor dents without using paint. So, as the name indicates, PDR is the process of removing dents and dings without the use of paint and other toxic chemicals.

Since 1960, the tools and techniques of this craft have significantly improved, making for unbelievable results.

How we remove dents and dings:

If your vehicle does not have any significant damage to the paint, it is probably a good candidate for PDR. There is no problem in buffing out minor scuffs, but considerable damage to the paint job doesn't make it the best candidate for PDR.

The dent removal process involves a series of specially designed tools. These tools are used both from the inside and outside of the dent by trained individuals.

Any minor scuffs are then buffed out, leaving your vehicle looking like the dent never happened.

The process requires patience and precision but costs a fraction of the charges at an auto body shop.

Good for the environment:

There are several reasons why PDR may be the best choice for you such as convenience and cost, but don’t forget to consider the planet when making your choice for dent repair:

• We don’t use paint or other harmful chemicals.

• We show up right to your home or office if you choose. This convenience saves you time for work or play, but it also means you don’t need to use additional gas or miles on your vehicle.

• We have a smaller footprint and overhead than an auto body shop.

• Our work results in a finished product delaying the want or need for a new vehicle.

Whatever you do, don’t try this at home! This craft takes years to perfect and if not done professionally could result in permanent damage to the vehicle. If you’re in need of PDR, call us today!

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