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What’s Up with Uber and Lyft?

Greetings everyone!

Can you believe it is already August!? Man, the summer is flying by. I am grateful I got to spend some time in the Sunshine State with some of my favorite PDR people last month. For more info on what’s in store for August, don’t forget to stay up to date with the Dents and Dreams Facebook page and podcast.

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You might remember that a while back, we posted a blog about taking Ubers and Lyfts. I know most people reading this post love their cars and like to drive. But sometimes, you don’t want to get behind the wheel because you’ve done a little too much partying. Or perhaps find yourself in another city for a day or two and don’t want to rent a car. Those car apps on your phone sure come in handy for other reasons as well.

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But, like the rest of the world, those application car services continue to experience some changes. Below are a few things to consider when ordering a ride from an app service.

  • You will see a slight increase in your bill due to the fuel charge.

  • Like everyone else, these services struggle to keep and find employees.

  • If you received poor service, don’t be afraid to report it. The driver doesn’t know the source of the report, and you will never get that driver assigned to you again.

  • Many airports are making it more challenging to take an Uber or Lyft. If you’re able to drag your luggage just outside of the airport, you’ll save money and get faster service.

  • Some cities like Seattle require drivers to rent vehicles from Uber which must be hybrid or electric.

  • In most places, wearing masks is now optional for you and the driver. That may change, though, so if you’re traveling, make sure you’re aware of the current mandates.

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And hey, if you need a few extra dollars, the Uber and Lyft gig does come with a fair amount of flexibility. Just make sure to factor in the wear and tear on your vehicle. And, whether you’re driving a businessperson from the airport or your family around, we know you want your car to look perfect. If you experience a door ding, hail damage, or something a little more serious, you know we can make you forget it ever happened. And we come to you! Contact us here to schedule an appointment or get an estimate.

I hope everyone enjoys the dog days of August!

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