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Sure You Love to Drive but Sometimes Everyone Needs a Lyft (or an Uber)

Minneapolis frozen bus stop

Okay, I get it. You love your car, maybe you even like to drive, and you've had it with public transportation. You don't want to stand at the bus stop in sub-zero temperatures, or experience “urban theater” on the light rail. But, there are times when driving your vehicle isn’t always the best choice or even practical. For those instances, such as getting to the airport for a flight, we used to call a cab or rely on a friend or family member.

But in today’s world, we have another option to get from point A to point B. Transportation app services are available pretty much all over the planet. Though the number of services is growing all the time, we’ll concentrate on the two which are most accessible in the Twin Cities, Uber, and Lyft.

Other than saving your brother from that four AM airport trip, some other instances to use Uber or Lyft may include:

• Your car is in the shop

• Outrageous parking costs

• Stressful traffic

Benefits of App Services

In addition to the overall convenience, several other benefits come with using Uber or Lyft:

• It saves wear and tears on your vehicle, especially in inclement weather.

• It ensures punctuality.

• It is a greener choice for the environment.

• You’re helping others earn a living.

• You can purchase gift certificates for others. Instead of picking your aunt up while you’re trying to fix Thanksgiving dinner, you can have an Uber pick her up.

• You get to choose a relaxing ride or an exciting conversation with your driver. Some of them have very intriguing stories.

Differences between Lyft and Uber

Lyft vs Uber Minneapolis

Frequent users of Lyft and Uber have figured out that they are very competitive. It pays to have both apps on your phone to gauge price and availability. Both companies reward you for your business and may send you enticing offers to encourage you to choose them for your next trip. There are a few significant differences between Uber and Lyft that are important to know:

• Uber has more availability worldwide. If you’re traveling outside of Minnesota or especially internationally, you will want to have the Uber app.

• Lyft prices tend to go up more during peak times such as rush hour or bar rush.

• Lyft pays their drivers better, and some say treat them better overall.

• Uber has more of a variety of vehicles, especially luxury vehicles. Some people prefer Uber for business for this reason.

• Lyft has an easier more user-friendly app. Uber’s app has an excess of features due to service such as Uber Eats.

• Both companies are growing quickly. Although they are working on it, the fast-paced growth sometimes results in lack-luster customer service.

And, remember, not only do you have the option to review the driver, they have the opportunity to evaluate you. Not tipping, rudeness, or making a mess in the vehicle may result in a two-star rating and leave you waiting much longer for a ride than necessary.

Is it safe to take Uber or Lyft?

Both companies have strict requirements regarding safe vehicle inspections, insurance requirements and proper technical equipment such as smart phones.

Uber seems more concerned about the appearance and safety of the vehicle, while Lyft runs a background check on their drivers.

The Minnesota legislature has been working on legislation to protect the consumer by requiring background checks for all Uber and Lyft drivers. Depending on your point of view, this could represent a good or a bad thing. But, for various reason, so far the legislation has gone nowhere. If you have an opinion, either way, it’s a good idea to call your State legislators and maybe even leave a message with the Governor.

Need a part-time job?

Driving for Uber or Lyft offers flexibility and the option to use our own car or lease one from them. Many drivers work for both companies and keep their options open as far as customers and the areas they want to drive.

Of course, both companies want you to have a safe and decent looking vehicle. Whether you’re driving for your personal use or professionally, if you experience hail damage or other dents and dings, Gray Duck Dent Repair is ready to make your car look great. Contact us here.

Happy driving!

Hail Repair Minneapolis

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