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Selling your car? Check out PDR before posting your ad!

When we sell anything, typically we want to get the best price possible. Getting top dollar for your property requires some planning and preparation. If you’re selling your house, for instance, you make sure it’s clean, there are no major internal problems, and that you stage it in a way to appeal to a variety of buyers.

Preparing your car for either a private sale or trade-in deal will also help you get the most out of the transaction. Some suggest that spending money on the appearance of your car will net you two to three times the investment at a dealership or through a private party.

How to make the most out of selling your car:

1. Make sure you clean it thoroughly inside. Have you got dog hair and Cheerio crumbs in the back seat? Neither of those represents good selling points. Vacuum the car thoroughly and clean the upholstery with an appropriate product. You want to make sure your interior smells good, but don’t overdo it with intense floral or eye-watering pine deodorizers.

As for the outside of your vehicle, of course, a proper washing and polishing should be done. And, making sure your hubcaps shine can't hurt either.

2. Regarding body damage, if your car has significant damage to the point where the paint is gone, you need to crunch the numbers with your insurance agent to see if the repair investment makes financial sense. But, if you have minor dents and dings or even slightly larger dents where the finish remains intact, paintless dent removal makes good economic sense.

Paintless dent removal or PDR removes dents and dings through a process using a variety of tools and skilled craftsmanship. The process does not use paint or other toxic materials making it environmentally friendly. Best of all you will save money and time. You choose whether you bring your vehicle to us or we come to you.

Imagine the seventeen-year-old shopping for his first car or the young married couple getting that second car for their household. Removing even the smallest dings will make them more likely to buy and to give you a fair price for your vehicle.

3. Of course, a full disclosure of mechanical problems represents the most critical step. Make sure you not only give information about the general condition but also confirm that nothing potentially dangerous exists, such as failing brakes.

To turn this scenario around, if you find yourself shopping for a used car, don’t let a few minor body flaws scare you away. Negotiate a fair price and then call Gray Duck Dent Repair to make your new car just about perfect!

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