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Enjoying Time with Dad: Father’s Day and Beyond

MN Twins Father's Day Shirt

Mother’s Day competes with the Fishing Opener and perhaps an early graduation or two, but our dads sometimes draw the short stick for their special day. In June we are bombarded with graduation parties, weddings, team sports for the kids, and festivities galore.

Many of us are guilty of downplaying Father’s Day because let’s face it, Dad doesn’t want to go out for brunch and drink mimosas, and he probably doesn’t want you to send him a dozen carnations either.

Take advantage of June Festivals:

But, there are things your dad might very well enjoy beyond the obligatory backyard BBQ. There’s no shortage of music and art packed festivals throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Minnesota has a festival celebrating everything from Spam to Sinatra.

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin boast some pretty impressive craft beers and breweries if your dad happens to enjoy the suds. And, of course, there’s baseball. The first place Minnesota Twins play the KC Royals at Target Field on Father’s Day. Is your dad a Beatles fan? The Minnesota Orchestra presents a unique Beatles tribute on June 22nd with never before seen footage and fantastic music.

Stone Arch Festival and Antique Cars:

Minneapolis Stone Arch Festival

One event that combines music, art, food, beer, and CARS is the Stone Arch Festival. Even if your dad doesn’t want to linger over jewelry and handcrafted furniture, most likely he’ll want to look at the classic and vintage vehicles at the festival. This display of autos, which in and of themselves could be considered works of art, gets better every year.

So, don’t forget about the guy who played catch with you and probably taught you how to drive. And, speaking of driving, whether you are driving a classic Mustang from the 60s or a four-year-old Toyota, if your car isn’t ready for a showroom or festival display, we can fix that. Give us a call at Gray Duck Dent Repair, and we’ll have your four-wheel baby looking its best!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dent Repair MN

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