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Auto Show Mania

Twin Cities Auto Show

A look out the window or a challenging drive to work may lead you to believe; spring will never get here. But, spring will arrive. One sure sign that we don’t actually live on Hoth is that the Minneapolis Auto Show begins in just days!

Whether you need a new car and want to gather information or you’re a hardcore auto enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this vast display ranging from the practical to futuristic, to what may even appear as pure fantasy.

What you need to know:

The Auto Show opens its doors on March 9th and runs through March 17th. Held at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 1301 2nd Ave on the south end of downtown Minneapolis, it provides a variety of hours to fit just about any schedule:

• Saturday 10-10

• Sunday 10-7

• Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 4-10

• Wednesday and Friday 10-10

And, when you consider you could spend an entire day there, the cost represents a pretty good entertainment value:

• $12 for adults ages 16+

• $6 for ages 11-15

• Free for kids 10 and under

What to expect:

Minneapolis Auto Show

The Auto Show is not a fashion show for you. You are going to be walking on concrete in a potentially crowded atmosphere. Dress comfortably and make sure you’ve chosen good walking shoes.

And, while kids are welcome, you may want to gauge the level of interest your child has in the auto industry before bringing them along. If they are into the auto world, by all means, let them tag along. But, if they’re more interested in memorizing all the words to “Frozen,” you may want to leave them with a grandparent for the day.

Special features:

Besides the displays and information presented by numerous manufacturers, you will find all kinds of special features. There are too many features for me to mention, but you can check out the full list here. Below, I have listed a few that you may find particularly interesting:

• Ride and Drive: If you’re at least 18 and sober, you can actually test drive a car.

• Star Power: Viking star John Randle will be there March 16th.

• Legos: If you do bring the kids, make sure and check out the Chevy Silverado made entirely out of

Legos (not available for test driving).

• Custom Garage: So what if millions of other people have the same model car as you, you can learn how to make it unique at this particular feature.

Deals and freebies:

If you don’t happen to be looking for your next Acura NSX or Bentley, or maybe you are and like to save money anyway, there are several opportunities to take advantage of at the Auto Show.

• Admission on Wednesday is half price

• Military Appreciation Day is March Active military and veterans get in for free, and their guests get $2 off the price of admission. And, there is a special ceremony honoring them at 7 PM.

• There are all kinds of prizes to register for from free gas to free cars.

• There will be other freebies as well, so bring a tote bag.

As you swoon over these beautiful vehicles, know that many of them look perfect because a Paintless Dent Repair technician worked their magic on them. If your ride has some dents and dings that you need to be repaired after this brutal winter, make sure and give Gray Duck Dent Repair a call.

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