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Romance Road Trip

Okay, so who doesn't love spending time at home with the family? But, let's face it; this virus thing is getting pretty old. Especially if kids make up part of the domestic picture, this month might represent the perfect time to plan a getaway with your spouse or partner. As you most likely know, Valentine's Day takes place on February 14th. So skip the flowers, jewelry, and candy and just get in the car and go someplace romantic.

If you need a babysitter, it may be time to survey the vaccination and immunity situation and see if you can't come up with a grandparent or aunt for a night or maybe even two.

Pack the car:

If you live in a place with windows, you probably know it's winter out there. So, when you prepare your vehicle for that romantic excursion, make sure you've packed the standard emergency materials, just in case you run into a blizzard or get stuck in frigid temperatures. But, also bring some beverages and snacks and some pillows and blankets for added comfort.

Ideal spots for the perfect getaway:

You don't need to go very far to find a romantic B&B or luxurious hotel to rekindle your passion…or just relax! Plenty of places in town and very nearby would love to give you a great deal. Check out this list for lots of options.

But, if you're seeking a little more time on the road and a bit of an adventure, consider these choices:

  • St James Hotel in Redwing, Minnesota- Even in winter, the scenery surrounding this historic hotel along the Mississippi River surrounded by bluffs is hard to beat.

The St James opened its doors back in 1875. In 140 years, only three different families claimed ownership of this Redwing landmark. Rumor has it, many famous people stayed there over the years, including Mark Twain and Bob Dylan.

You will think you stepped back in time in the quaint and beautiful rooms, but that doesn't mean some of them don't come with whirlpools!

And, if you've got COVID concerns, they've got you covered. Every room comes equipped with a Wave Air Purifier, and they use the EVA Clean system. Since they follow the COVID-19 guidelines, they don't offer overnight cleaning services should you stay more than one night, but they will bring you just about anything your heart desires.

Wine, beer, and spirits await you in the elegant Port Lounge, but if you opt for dinner at the hotel, that's still just available via room service.

  • Fitger's Inn in Duluth: If you've never visited Fitger's, you need to fix that. This gem on Lake Superior started in 1885 with the brewery. The Brewery still offers terrific beer and comfort food but still provides just enough ambiance to qualify as romantic. Of course, the hotel and surrounding area offer plenty of other dining options.

Fitger's takes the safety of its guests very seriously as well. Masks remain a requirement in public places, and cleaning service only happens if you request it, The no contact rule between guests and staff remains intact for now.

  • Stone Mill in Lanesboro: You may not immediately think of Lanesboro when you think of a quick getaway, but this town in Minnesota's bluff country only takes about two hours to get to from Downtown Minneapolis.

The 150-year-old inn also comes with charm and whirlpools, and fireplaces. The Common Wealth Theater is close by in case you need additional entertainment. Anytime you're hungry, the Old Village Hall restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, for more of a romantic experience, try out the new kid in town. The Root River Unwind Wine Bar features wines and beers from local wineries and breweries, and they're offering Valentine's Specials such as whole lobster for $49 or Prime Rib for $30.

COVID concerns:

While you may rest assured that these high-class places do go above and beyond to keep their guest safe from COVID-19, you still want to remember to bring your disinfectant wipes and extra masks. If you're going to take extra precautions, you may wish to purchase room spray for the air and surfaces.

But, whatever you do, get out of the house! And, make sure you travel in style. If you need some dents and dings pounded out before or after your trip, give me a call. I'm your guy to make your car look its best.


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