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Making the Most of Winter: Get in the Car for a January Adventure!

Okay, if you’re reading this post right now, CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through 2020. No matter your age, I’m guessing 2020 will most likely go down as one of the most challenging years of your life.

Happily, the distribution of vaccines gives us reason to hope things will get back to some kind of normal hopefully by the time the weather starts getting nice. And though we’re not out of the woods yet, Governor Walz announced some loosening of COVID-19 restrictions. To keep up to date on the vaccine action and staying safe, check out this site.

Making the most of winter:

If you live in Minnesota, you already know all about the long and cold winters we experience. Pandemic or not, there’s more to a Minnesota winter than Netflix. We might not enjoy full access to all entertainment venues in these early months of 2021. But hey, if you can’t find your parka or gloves, plenty of retailers would love to deliver warm winter gear right to your door. It's okay to go outside!

You don’t have to stay indoors:

Unless it gets so cold that your car won’t start, pile the family into the vehicle and go experience some winter fun. Check out some of the ideas below when planning your winter weekends:

  • If downhill skiing and snowboarding happen to get you off the couch, you’ll appreciate that the ski resorts in Minnesota made sure to prepare for Covid-19 safety. We’ve had some snow and relatively mild weather making for terrific skiing conditions. Too bad that you needed to cancel your trip to the Swiss Alps or Vail, but hey, check out what Minnesota and Wisconsin offer in the way of a faux-like Alpine adventure. Welch Village represents just one of the places ready to welcome you.

  • If you want fewer thrills and more of a calorie burn, you might want to lean toward cross country skiing. Places like Theodore Wirth Park offer well-groomed and scenic trails. But though cross- country won’t empty your pockets like downhill, it’s not free, and rules exist as well.

  • You might find a great place to go skating or sledding right in your neighborhood. Check with your local park board to see what’s nearby. You can’t go wrong with Columbia Park, though, an excellent place for all year long activities.

  • And, who doesn’t love the St. Paul Winter Carnival?! According to their fairly elaborate website, the 2021 carnival is happening!. They offer many virtual events this year, but the frozen classics remain like ice fishing, ice and snow sculptures, and more. And, on January 30th, you’re invited to the hot chocolate party at the iconic St. Paul Hotel.

Can’t stand the cold?

Okay, so winter in Minnesota seems to go on forever, and let’s face it, it does get cold. Luckily, in Minnesota and Wisconsin, plenty of indoor waterparks allow us to pretend summer never ends. Check out this list to explore the options for summer fun in the winter.

And, if you want to make a family weekend out of it, head toward Alexandria and consider staying at the Arrowwood Resort. Their Big Splash water park opens on January 15th, and they will follow all necessary safety protocols.

Hopefully, these ideas will get you out of the house and into the fresh air and on the road. When you’re taking your family on your winter wonderland journey, don’t embarrass them with dents or dings on your vehicle. We will come to you and make sure your ride looks its best. Make sure to contact me here with any questions or for an estimate.

Happy New Year!

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