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It’s Time to Plan that Baseball Road Trip

May is finally here! That means we can look forward to warm weather, outdoor activities, and gatherings. We now see color in our yards and parks rather than just white and gray.

I’ve been busy with my Dents and Dreams podcast, hitting the road to some terrific PDR events and, oh yeah, fixing a lot of dents and making cars look great.

The situation with the pandemic continues to look hopeful with the vaccines on the scene and shots going into arms. We’re not exactly at normal yet, but we can gather with friends and family and even go out to eat or maybe even enjoy a couple of beers at a socially distanced restaurant.

But, one of the safest forms of entertainment during these challenging times remains the good old-fashioned road trip. And, hey, it’s May! Why not consider a baseball road trip?

Twins aren’t exactly killing it… but we still love them:

Okay, I wish this part was where I brag about how great the Twins are doing and how I’m already planning my playoff parties. But, right now, the most hopeful thing to say is, “It’s still early!”

But regardless of where your team shows up in the standings, baseball road trips make for a good time. They’re an excellent destination trip for families or groups of friends. Whether your goal involves following your team or getting to as many major league ballparks as possible, why not venture out a little farther than Milwaukee this year? Consider these options that will take you to some great ballparks and offer interesting diversions between games:

  • Chicago White Sox hosts the Minnesota Twins at Guaranteed Rate Field from May 11th through the 13th. Most of us only need about eight hours to get to Chicago, and once we’re there, the Windy City provides us with lots of entertainment options and great food.

Chicago’s a huge city, but you don’t need to leave the neighborhood around the ballpark to experience some of the best this city offers in the way of music and food. Check out Cork and Kerry at the Park or Schinnick’s Irish Pub.

If you’re looking for some mouthwatering pizza, you’ll find Phil’s Pizza right on the 35th

Red Line Station, but be warned, Phil’s only accepts cash.

  • If you’re willing to drive a bit farther, the Detroit Tigers host the Twins from May 21st through the 23rd at Comerica Park. Detroit continues its efforts to make a comeback, and you will find plenty to do when you’re not at the ballpark. Check out the Riverfront area and the Eastern Market. They also boast a pretty impressive Art Institute, but, of course, what you really need to see in Detroit is the Motown Museum.

  • If you feel slightly more adventurous, why not make the trip to Kansas City, MO, and see what the Twins can do against the Royals at Kaufman Stadium. Those teams meet up from June 3rd through June 5th. Here’s a valuable bit of advice; there’s a motel right across the highway from the ballpark…don’t stay there! Nothing but baseball happens in that area. Stay downtown and Uber or take public transit to the ballpark.

Downtown KC offers museums such as the National WWI Museum, great jazz and blues, and lots and lots of barbeque! There is even a BBQ app you can download to maximize your flavorful experience. And, hey, did you know that Kansas City has more fountains than any other city in the world except for Rome. And, last time I checked, Rome didn’t have a baseball team!

Wherever you decide to go on your baseball trip, check on the ticket restrictions and safety rules surrounding the pandemic before you load up the car with snacks.

And, if you happen to drive through a hail storm or pick up a ding or two, you know we’re here for you. Or, if you want to make sure your car looks top-notch for your trip, contact me here.

Happy summer and happy baseball!

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