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It’s Time for that Scenic Fall Drive

Happy autumn, everyone! Even though we’ve had a pretty warm September, the summer of 2021 is no more. I hope everyone got some summer fun in, because man, it goes fast.

And, let’s face it, fall isn’t so bad. Hopefully, the Vikes will have a better year than the Twinkies, but we love to watch them regardless of their record. Or, maybe we just love watching them because of all the great food at football parties.

My travel adventures continue this fall. On October 23rd, I’ll be heading to Dent Repair Now for the Dent Tech Meetup in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA. I’m looking forward to some excellent info sharing and a lot of fun with Gene Fetty!

Many of us have spent a heck of a lot of time in our cars this summer. The road trip still seems like the safest mode of travel. And, maybe you’re thinking about getting on a plane this winter to head south and escape the cold and white stuff that’s just around the corner. But not so fast! As Minnesotans, you know we’ve got to pile the family in the car, at least once, with the specific purpose of looking at autumn leaves in all their color and splendor.

Overall color forecast for leave watchers this year:

The experts are pretty much telling us we shouldn’t expect to be blown away this fall with flaming reds and oranges and dazzling gold. This year we should expect a more subdued palette from Mother Nature in these parts. Why? you ask, one word, drought. Many of the trees continue to suffer from stress from not enough moisture. These drought conditions dim the colors of the changing leaves and sometimes cause them to turn brown before they’ve had a chance to transform into a more exciting color.

You may find that trees around lakes and ponds stand a better chance of showing off their best fall colors. Depending on the type of tree, the colors may emerge sooner or later than usual. You will find some pretty hardy trees in Minnesota that won’t disappoint when putting on a colorful show, such as the oak. And then there are the umpteen varieties of maple, each with a slightly different fall hue display.

Best scenic drives in Minnesota:

If you don’t have a trip to Vermont booked this fall, you can still see some pretty amazing colors right here in Minnesota. Check out the ideas below:

The Twin Cities offers nearby colorful fall displays if you can’t get out of town:

  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

  • Lake Minnetonka should peak by the second week of October

St Croix Valley and Bluff County will take you from Taylors Falls to Hasting, where you’ll view everything from rivers, cliffs, and impressive Victorian Architecture.

Stillwater offers natural beauty along the river and lots of antiquing in town..

The North Shore and Grand Marais will also put on a pretty good autumn show in an already stunning natural showcase, but hurry if you want to see the fall colors.

Best scenic drives in Wisconsin:

Don’t overlook our neighbor to the east if you’re planning a scenic fall drive. But, go ASAP to catch the peak. Here are a few destinations:

Potawatomi State Park where you’ll see lots of sugar maples and basswood.

Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive stretches on for 115 miles between Elkhart Lake and White Water Lake.

Plum Loco Animal Farm is only open on weekends. Located in Egg Harbor in beautiful Door County, it’s a great place to take the kids to let them mingle with donkeys, goats, ponies, and horses.

And, as always, if you want your car to look its best this autumn or you run into a late-season hail storm during your road trip adventures, you know who to call. We come to you at Gray Duck Dent Repair and make your ride look as good as new. Contact us here with questions or for an appraisal.

Happy Autumn!

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