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It’s All About the Leaves

Happy October, Everyone!

We’re really into fall now. The kids have settled into the school routine; we’ve got the nip in the air, lots of football to watch, and everything pumpkin spice! But when you live in the Midwest, one of the best things about fall involves the gorgeous show that Mother Nature puts on for us.

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I’m talking about those brilliant red, orange, and yellow leaves. We get this colorful display because as our temperatures start to fall and the days get shorter, the chlorophyll breaks down, and the green disappears. The color we end up with depends on the tree. So, when you’ve got a landscape with many different types of trees, you will get quite a show.

Catching the autumn colors in Minnesota:

Photo Credit: Alyssa Hei/Explore Minnesota

Okay, so the peak colors up north already took place. But you’re not too late! Check out this link for information on where to see the best colors. Here are just a few areas where the leaves don’t peak until mid-October:

  • Mississippi River Valley- You’ll find many State Parks such as Whitewater State Park, Perrot State Park, and Great River Bluffs. And, while you’re in the area, you may as well head over to the Rochester apple orchards.

  • Twin Cities Area- It’s a great time to take a leisurely drive around the Chain of Lakes, including Lake of the Isles and Lake Harriet. Head to Minnehaha Falls, and don’t forget to check out Theodore Wirth Park while you’re at it.

  • Minnesota River Valley- Due to the hot temps we experienced this summer, the leaves will reach their peak colors a little later. The Minnesota River Scenic Byway starts just beyond the South Dakota border and travels through Mankato as it approaches Belle Plaine.

Heading over to Wisconsin for the autumn show:

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You don’t need a passport to drive to Wisconsin, and you might just get a little bit longer before the leaves fall off. Check out these areas:

  • Apostle Islands- Take the ferry to Madeline Island from the ferry in Bayfield. Go for the leaves but stay for the stars!

  • Bayfield, WI- There’s plenty to do in Bayfield, and they might even have a few apples leftover from their famous Apple Festival.

  • Door County- Besides viewing the colorful leaves in Door County, you’ll also find wineries, natural wonders, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

So, get out there while you can. Next thing you know, you’ll need to find your snow boots!

And hey, if you get a few dings and dents while on your autumn excursion, you know who to call. We’re here to ensure your ride looks its best through all four seasons. And, don’t forget, we will come to you! Schedule an appointment or get an estimate here.

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Enjoy your October!

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