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I Know You're Busy: But How About a Quick Summer Road Trip?!

Happy unofficial start to summer! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been crazy busy with hailstorms and trying to keep up with the Dent Reaper demands and just life in general.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing and follow the PDR scene, check us out on YouTube on Dents and Dreams. You’ll find out more about paintless dent repair than you ever imagined! We’d love to see you there.

With the short Minnesota summer upon us, you want to make sure and get some fun scheduled. What could be more fun than a summer road trip?! Whether it’s you and the whole gang or just you and your squeeze, we’ve come up with a few ideas for your mini road trip below.

Road trips with the kids:

With all the games and gadgets, they have for the kids while they’re in the car, who even needs a destination?! Yet, here are a few ideas that will inspire little and grownup kids alike.”

Duluth- Okay, you’ve heard it before, but let’s face it; Duluth has a lot to offer. It’s only a couple of hours or so from the Twin Cities, a pretty scenic drive, and provides plenty of family-friendly activities:

· Lake Superior Zoo- just 20 minutes from Canal Park

And if you can’t get enough of Duluth in one day, you can always spend some time at the Waterpark Hotel.

  • Wisconsin Dells- The Dells take a bit longer to get to, probably four or five hours. But with today’s options to keep the kids happy in the car, the time flies by quickly. But please, no more reels of your three-year-old singing along to Frozen! Activities and entertainments abound once you get to the Dells. And, of course, the scenery there and through most of the journey is pretty spectacular. And when was the last time you heard a kid say, 'Oh no! Not Wisconsin Dells again!’

  • Little House in the Prairie Sites- If you’ve got a kid who’s a Laura Ingall Wilder fan, why not make the trip over to Pepin and Walnut Grove to see some of the historical offerings. There are some pretty cool sites even if they haven’t read the books, such as the ‘house that Pa built,’ the one-room schoolhouse, the General Store, and more. After visiting the historical sites, you might get them interested in the books.

If you’re looking to grab lunch, what could beat a picnic by beautiful Lake Pepin. But, if you forgot to pack a basket, you can’t go wrong with the Harborview. Or you could try The Pickle Factory, an old waterfront pickle factory converted into a family-pleasing restaurant.

Just the Two of You:

Hey, when it comes to grownup fun, you can carve out a pretty good time in Duluth, Wisconsin Dells, or Pepin. But, if you want a few more ideas, we’ve got them for you below:

  • · Book a room at The Water Street Inn in Stillwater- This place oozes romance, and there are plenty of bars and eateries to keep you entertained should you leave your room. Stillwater also offers vineyards and wineries nearby, and it’s a great place for antiquing.

  • · Do you feel like staying in a uniquely themed boxcar? Well, head up to Two Harbors to the Northern Rail Train Car Inn for a weekend you’ll never forget. You’ll be surrounded by wilderness and outdoor activities, but not too far away from fish and chips and Betty’s Pies.

  • · If you want to get crazy romantic, cross the border to Fountain City. Wisconsin and spend a night or two at Hawks View Cottages and Lodge. You’ll overlook a vineyard and a bluff. Your room comes with a whirlpool tub and a complimentary bottle of wine. There’s a tasting room on the premises and plenty of fine dining options nearby.

Wherever you travel this summer, if you end up in a hailstorm or with a door ding or fender bender, we can make that disappear in a hurry. Just contact us here for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

Have a great summer!

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