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Google’s Got it Wrong!

Greetings everyone! We made it to March. The days are getting longer, the below-zero temps are behind us, and soon we’ll be talking about car shows and springtime road trips. But, for now, we need the help of the members and friends of the PDR industry.

We’re asking everyone to sign this petition and to pass it along to friends and family to sign as well. We want PDR businesses categorized as mobile!

What is Google doing?

In June of 2021, someone at Google decided that the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) business didn’t qualify as a mobile business. They want us to provide a physical address, or they’ll continue to list us as a business that paints cars. Apparently, they don’t know what paintless means!

This tactic confuses the customers and may very well reduce business. People think we paint cars, and one guy even asked me if I would paint his house!

What PDR really does:

At Gray Duck Dent Repair, we make your hail-damaged, door-dinged, and otherwise dented vehicle look like new. We use a paintless method with specially designed tools, highly developed techniques, and no toxic materials, such as paint.

Why we’re proud to offer a mobile service:

Our customers love that we offer a mobile service for these reasons:

  1. Car owners appreciate the convenience of not having to drive to a particular shop to get their minor dent or hail damage fixed. We go to their home or business while they relax or get on with their busy day.

  2. Car dealerships love that we do the work onsite.

  3. During the pandemic, customers especially appreciated our attention to safety and that they didn’t need to go out to get their dents fixed.

  4. PDR doesn’t use toxic chemicals like paint to remove dents. And, instead of multiple people driving to one location to get the PDR work done, we come to them. Both things help protect the environment.

  5. We provide excellent results. Have you ever seen a car with a bad paint job!? You won't find that with a PDR vehicle. Our customers are thrilled with the finished product. You might want to check out some of the before and after pics.

Please follow the link below and sign the petition now!

If there’s one thing I love about this industry, it’s the camaraderie. We’re competitive but still support each other’s success. We share ideas and techniques, and I don’t want any PDR people losing business because Google doesn’t know what it’s doing.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign the petition. And ask your friends and family to do the same. We’re not asking for donations, just signatures to get Google to take a better look at the PDR business and realize that it does indeed qualify as MOBILE!

As we say at Gray Duck Dent Repair, “WE COME TO YOU!”

If you need more information about the Google issue or want to schedule an appointment or get an estimate, please get in touch with us here. Thank you so much, everyone!

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