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Football Fun COVID-19 Style and Spotlight on Brooklyn Park

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

With 190,000 deaths nationwide and the numbers not looking too good in Minnesota, we're still dealing with the dreaded virus. Let's hope and pray (if you're so inclined); we will get a vaccine soon. But, for now, the NFL, like MLB, will need to operate COVID-19 style.

Pro Football road trips? Well, maybe not:

I hoped to write about taking a football road trip, and don't get me wrong; road trips still present an excellent family activity option. But, across the country, major stadiums will need to turn away some season ticket holders making little to no room for tourists.

What the Vikings are doing:

First of all, a shout out to the Vikes for championing several fundraising efforts to fight COVID-19 and help those afflicted.

But, let's face it; things will not be rockin in US Bank Stadium this year. The Vikings sent out communications giving season ticket holders to take a pass this year and credit their tickets for the next season. Those who decide to attend will do so knowing safety precautions will follow the CDC guidelines. Anyone attending the game needs to adhere to those guidelines, aka rules:

  • No exit and re-entry once in the stadium

  • Social distancing

  • Face masks when not drinking

US Bank Stadium will also go above and beyond CDC requirements when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.

If you're thinking about going to some high school football games this year, forget about it. Those will hopefully take place in the spring. You might find some younger football teams playing this fall, depending on how the numbers look in the individual district.

Other options for watching football:

  • Watch at home in your living room or man cave.

  • Go to a Sports Bar. Before you make plans, make sure that the one you choose still accepts dine-in customers and make sure they practice COVID-19 safety measures. Ray Js on the border of NE Minneapolis represents one centrally located bar sure to show the Vikes. With plenty of brews to choose from and an extensive menu, you can't go wrong.

  • Have a small gathering at home. If you're going to do this, you'll want to consider these suggestions to ensure everyone's safety:

    • Keep it small, preferably with people you know well with limited public exposure.

    • Arrange seating with social distancing in mind

    • Only one person should handle food prep…no potlucks! Better yet, order Door Dash!

    • Ensure that you offer proper ventilation and don't hesitate to ask people to wear masks when they're hooting and hollering. The virus spreads easiest with droplets in the air.

Hopefully, next year we can go crazy again.

Spotlight on Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park sits on the northern tip of Hennepin County. Though it's filled with parks and trees holding the title of one of the 'tree cities' in the US, it also boasts plenty of car dealerships and body shops.

Pierre Bottineau was the first non-native to trudge through the area now known as Brooklyn Park. Compared to North Dakota, Pierre thought he found paradise when he discovered the area. I'm guessing it wasn't winter.

The official establishment of Brooklyn Park didn't happen until 1852 after the treating signing took place with the Dakota tribe.

Originally, Brooklyn Park mostly housed farmers, but as the population soared in the 1900s, things became much more industrialized. Now, with a population of over 80,000, Brooklyn Parks offers a lot.

Places to eat and drink:

Okay, again, I need to give you the COVID-19 disclosure. Check things out before venturing out to see what the dine-in/pickup policies appear. Here are a few places not to miss:

  • Crazy Cajun for the crab legs

  • Fat Nats offers comfort breakfast, and right now, they still let you dine in.

  • Vietnam House gives you the real deal in Vietnamese cuisine, but you will need to pick it up.

  • And for some real nostalgic fun, you need to try Wagner's Drive-in. This family Veteran owned business will make you think you time-traveled to the 1950s.

Things to do:

In addition to the countless parks, Brooklyn Park offers some pretty unique forms of activity:

  • Blue Wolf Brewing serves up plenty of microbrews with a specialty of German-style beers. They also offer plenty of food trucks and fun activities such as painting night,

  • Festivals take place, such as the 'Spring Baby Festival' in the spring featuring a petting zoo of adorable baby farm animals. In the autumn, check out the Fall Harvest, complete with corn mazes and hot cider.

  • And, if you love to golf, you'll think you died and went to Heaven (or at least Scotland) at Edinburgh USA Golf Course.

  • And why not treat your family to a historical adventure at Eidem Homestead. Your kids will be amazed what people put up with in 1900.

If you live in Brooklyn Park or anywhere near it, no doubt, you've experienced some hail this summer. If your vehicle shows hail damage or any other dents or dings, give us a call. At Gray Duck Dent Repair, we'll make your car look good as new in no time.

Happy Fall, Everyone!

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