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Best Fun Cars for 2022

Happy May, Everyone!

Sorry for posting a little late; I’ve been super busy this month with travels and Dent Reaper happenings. I hope you got to see my big reveal at the end of April on Dents and Dreams. If not, check out the video:

It looks like we’re finally getting some decent weather in Minnesota, which means we’re for thunderstorms and hail. But don’t worry, we’ll be ready!

Last month we talked about practical, family type cars. But as the temps heat up, let’s look at some vehicles for play or just the sheer joy of driving. Whether you’re in the market or just like to fantasize, some of these cars will get you thinking about the joy of summer driving or driving with no snow or ice!

Sports cars:

Hey, why can’t your second car be a sports car? You don’t necessarily need to have the last name of Rockefeller to drive a car that brings you nothing but joy. Check out this link for a complete list of the best sports cars of 2022, but we've selected just a few favorites at various price points:

The second-generation Toyota GR86 comes in at about $29Gs. It features rear-wheel drive and standard six-speed transmission. Toyota revved up the horsepower to 228 on the 2022 version, making it deserving of a serious look at the price.

Got a few more bucks to spend? You can’t go wrong with the Ford Mustang. You can get a pretty impressive ride for right around $55Gs, or for a really souped-up model, check out the Shelby GT500 for about $80Gs or go crazy with the GT500 KR for $127,000. +

And, of course, nothing says sports car like a Porsche. The 911 models start at about $102Gs and go way beyond $165,000. We all know Porsches look super cool, but the real fun comes when you’re driving. Its twin-turbo engine with 573 horsepower in the Turbo and 640 in the Turbo S will give your passenger something to think about as you accelerate…probably not the best for piano lesson outings. I know you can picture yourself in a Turbo S. Just make sure you can drive a stick because automatic transmission is not an option in this all-wheel-drive version


Off-Road Vehicles:

If you’re looking for something a little more rugged than an expensive sports car, 2022 offers plenty of options in this category. Check out this link for options that will get you into the woods and beyond and look good doing it!

Just like sports cars, the prices for off-road vehicles vary greatly but take a look at a couple at either end of the spectrum.

The Suzuki Jimny will set you back a little more than $27,000. Okay, it looks adorable, but that doesn’t me it can’t handle tough rides and rugged terrain. They also have all kinds of options to personalize this vehicle and make it one of a kind.

If you need something bigger and badder, check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. You know, if it’s a Jeep, it will handle just about anything as it sits on 30.5” tires. But the interior will make you feel like you bought a luxury vehicle. Get ready to dish out $45Gs or more for one of these adventure rides.

You know the drill, guys; whether you’re caught in a hailstorm in your Mustang or have some dings on your Jeep from traveling through rugged terrain, or maybe you got a door ding on your Honda while shopping at Costco, you know who to call.

Contact me here for an appointment or an appraisal. And don’t forget, we will work with your insurance company.


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