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Must Have Dinner Reservations

It’s that time again; Valentine’s Day approaches. And, this year, February 14th lands on a Friday! Oh, the pressure. Of course, you love your spouse or otherwise significant other. But, whether you’re spending hundreds on flowers, thousands on jewelry or four dollars on a mug adorned with hearts, chances are, your Valentine also expects a romantic dinner out.

You will have competition:

Not too surprisingly, Valentine’s Day represents the busiest night of the year for restaurants. When you add the fact that it’s on a Friday this year, you’ve got the makings of a zoo. Go ahead, make reservations. You’re still going to wait in line. And, don’t count on ordering your favorite dish. Many restaurants limit their menu for this special night. You’ll also need to deal with overworked waiters and chefs and food that’s not necessarily up to par.


Not only do the restaurants jack-up their prices for Valentine’s Day, so do the florists and the babysitters. And, we haven’t even talked about how much that new Valentine’s outfit cost.

Unless it also happens to fall on a significant wedding anniversary or birthday, do you really want to spend hundreds on one night?

There’s a better way:

Did I happen to mention traffic? Especially on a Friday night, you might experience a bit of stress on the way to get that $90 steak. You may even need an extra $15 cocktail. Yikes!

But cheaper and possibly more romantic options do exist. Run a few of these by your sweetie for a slightly unconventional and calmer Valentine’s celebration:

  • Go out to dinner an evening or two before or after Valentine’s Day. Stay home with a pizza and some wine on the 14th. You might want to watch a romantic movie such as Il Postino, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Dr. Zhivago… you get the idea.

  • Take the day off and take a mini road trip. Go out for breakfast in a little town an hour away. Stop at a winery or brewery, or go antique shopping.

  • Go to an afternoon movie or a concert or play later that weekend.

  • And, if you must go to dinner or anywhere on Valentine’s evening, consider taking an Uber or Lyft. Your car will love you for it. And, you’ll get to talk to your Valentine rather than curse at your fellow romantic diners on the road.

If, however, you happen to experience some dings and dents on your Valentine adventure, we can make your sweetheart ride good as new again. Please contact us here and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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