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Rethink Your Gift-giving for a More Meaningful Holiday

With the holiday season well underway, we find ourselves immersed in print, online, and television advertising telling us we need more stuff. Well, for most of us, that’s not the case. We don’t need more material goods.

Psychiatrists tell us that overconsumption doesn’t make us happy. Experiences and forming memories make us happy. We learn and we grow through travel, sharing time together, learning about new cultures, and appreciating nature.

Consider giving the gift of experience:

No, your mom doesn’t need another pair of pajamas and your daughter doesn’t need another American Girl doll. Sure, you probably want a few wrapped gifts under the tree for the kids, but consider some of these ideas when making out your gift list:

  • Tickets or gift cards to concerts or plays

  • Movie gift cards

  • Gift cards to a favorite restaurant

  • Travel gift cards for airfare, rail fare, or close by destinations like B and Bs or wineries

  • Memberships to art or science museums

Celebrate the holidays with the kids by visiting more displays and engaging in more activities:

  • Botanical garden

Donate material gifts to those who really need them:

Encourage your kids to get involved by encouraging them to go through their toys and donate those in good shape but no longer used or wanted for sentimental value. Consider some of these resources:

  • Toy drives

  • Clothing drives

  • Food shelves

  • Fundraisers

Preventing dents and dings:

Even if you’re not traveling to the Mall of America every weekend, you will still need to drive when taking your kids to various events. Check out these tips to protect the body of your car:

  • Park a little farther away in parking lots if possible.

  • Parallel parking skills come in handy during the busy shopping season.

  • Attend events of go shopping at non-peak times whenever possible.

  • Take advantage of Uber or Lyft when holiday celebrating involves libations or to avoid heavy and stressful traffic.

No matter how careful we are, dents and dings do happen. Don’t take more of your precious time trying to get them fixed. We come to you and magically make those dents disappear in no time. Give us a call or contact us here.

Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays and have a terrific New Year!

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