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DIY Dent Repair Good Idea or Bad Idea? Hint: Don’t Try This at Home

I get it. We all want to save some green, especially when we just got done spending a month’s salary making our kids happy. But, sometimes our attempt to be frugal ends up causing us stress and costing us time and money.

bad pizza dent repair comparison

Did you ever opt for that off-brand pizza for $3.99 instead of the California Pizza Kitchen pizza for $8 to save a few bucks? Then, after adding cheese, onion, and maybe some olives to the cardboard-like disc, you end up throwing the whole thing away anyway and calling Pizza Luce to the tune of $24. Unless you're lucky enough to find the Blue Fire Pizza food truck.

Well, if you try removing your car’s minor dents and dings, you might find yourself in a similar situation. If you’ve been surfing the web for PDR companies to make your four-wheeled baby look good as new, no doubt “do it yourself” dent removal articles and videos are appearing in your Facebook newsfeed. Some of these videos might even claim you can fix your car with tools you already have in your home or garage.

Surprise! Videos are sometimes manipulated to be less than honest, or should we say, misleading. If you take into account, they pre-painted the car door and used the time elapsed feature to their advantage, suddenly your thirty-minute quick fix turns into hours.

DIY Dent Repair

And then, it is quite possible that you might screw up. Worse yet, you might even hurt yourself. All of a sudden, you’re spending time and money at the auto body shop or ER, and to top it off, you broke your heat gun.

Paintless dent repair is a skilled trade. I trained for months before fixing cars unsupervised. And, I worked for years and on thousands of vehicles before going into business for myself.

At Gray Duck Dent Repair we come to you saving you time and money. We fix your dings and dents with tools designed to do the job. Additionally, paint and other toxic solvents are not needed making it the best environmental choice.

So, forgive the analogy, but if you want a pizza, get one you’re going to enjoy and if you want your vehicle to look great, call a professional. In both cases, you’ll be glad you did!

Dent Repair MN

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