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Winterize Your Car

Frozen Car Dent Repair MN

So, the calendar says winter doesn’t start until December 21st, but those of us in Minnesota and Wisconsin know ice and snow may make an appearance weeks before the Solstice.

And, winter lasts a long time. In the Twin Cities, we typically don’t even think about gardening until May, and any trips to Target Field or CHS Field in April better include warm jackets and gloves as we welcome the start of baseball season.

Winter also comes with potentially dangerous driving conditions and elements that cause damage both to the mechanical workings and body of our vehicles. But thankfully, preparing your car for winter helps protect not only your auto but more importantly you and your family.

Safety First

Of course, safety represents the most critical reason to winterize your car. Winter ice storms and blizzards may potentially find you stuck in the middle of nowhere as you travel back from your holiday road trip. True, most of us have cell phones today, but cell phones don’t always work, and even when they do, AAA or any other emergency services won’t necessarily arrive in a timely fashion, especially in inclement weather.

So, make sure you have these supplies in your vehicle before embarking on any winter trips:

• Blankets

• Water

• Food such as quick energy candy bars

• Flares

• Matches

• Flashlights

• Scrapers

• Gas

• Cat litter to help with traction

• Books…something to do to keep from going crazy

Also, make sure and let someone know your path and destination and the time you are expected to arrive. If the weather turns ugly, they should check with the authorities if they can’t reach you.

And check the weather forecast before taking off. Don’t dismiss the idea of visiting Grandma a week after Christmas if it means a safer and more pleasant journey.

If you do find yourself stuck in your car during a blizzard, stay put! Don’t go wandering off to find help. This isn’t Doctor Zhivago. Assistance isn’t that far away. Stay with the protection and shelter of your vehicle.

Car Maintenance

Whether you’re planning a long journey or just traveling to and from work every day, you should be making sure to prepare your car for winter now. Don’t wait until the middle of January. In the long run, procrastination will cost you money and cause you grief. Make sure to take the following steps to get your vehicle ready for the coming frigid months:

• Schedule a checkup to make sure your brakes and engine are functioning correctly.

• Make sure your washer fluid is full, and your wipers are in good shape.

• Double check that the heater is working.

• Snow tires are a must in Minnesota.

• Protect your car’s body with a product from your favorite automotive store or order it from Amazon.

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