What a first week...

October 30, 2017


After one week of being in business for myself I have already learned so much. Before getting into that there are a few things I feel I should address.


As many of you know, I was employed at Dent Heads for many years. It was a wonderful experience that I am truly grateful for. I have received several calls from folks at accounts I serviced while working for Dent Heads asking, "What happened?"


In all honesty there was nothing that "happened"... I just felt the need to go into business for myself. There are so many more challenges and risks that come with running your own business, challenges I am excited to take on and risks that according to my calculations I should take.


To be clear... I hold no animosity or ill will toward my former employer or co-workers. It was an honor to work for such a great company and be part of such an awesome team.


To the accounts I serviced during my tenure at Dent Heads, I will miss working with you on a regular basis, but know that Shawn and his team will take excellent care of you. I am quite sure of that.


As for me, I will be out finding new accounts and servicing referral work as I have been doing this first week. I look forward to the challenges ahead and taking the skills and values I learned working with Dent Heads and putting my own spin on things with Gray Duck Dent Repair.


If anyone has any further questions, comments, referrals, or dents I can be reached at 651-492-3368.




Jon Videen

Gray Duck Dent




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