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Getting in that last Pre-Winter Road Trip

We know it’s coming, the ice, the snow, the bitter cold. But, at least ten weeks of decent weather are still upon us. As the kids settle back into their school routine, they could probably use a little bit of family time. So, what’s the perfect activity for family bonding? A road trip, of course.

Most of us get Saturday and Sunday off, and during the fall we also get a few days to tack on to the weekend such as Indigenous Day (formerly known as Columbus Day), MEA weekend, and Veteran’s Day.

We live in an area that offers so many fun and even educational activities for families. Whether you can spare two hours or four days, why not take off on the road and have a great time with the kids?!

Figure out what your schedule can handle and pick a trip your kids will love:

When planning a trip, figure out how much time you can dedicate to the activity. Even a few hours of quality time is better than another day of snoozing on the couch while the kids watch Sponge Bob reruns.

Day trips your kids will love:

· You’ll never run of family activities if you join the Minnesota Historical Society. For a reasonable annual membership fee, you get access to all kinds of historical sites in the metro area and throughout the State. If you’ve just got a few hours or a day to spare check out the following:

o Fort Snelling

o Mill City Museum

o Oliver Kelly Farm

And, if you have the weekend or a little more time to spare, check out the following:

o Snake River Fur Post in Pine City

o Split Rock in Two Harbors

o Charles Lindberg Museum in Little Falls

· Duluth offers a quick two-hour drive for family fun and enough activities for an entire weekend:

o Great Lakes Aquarium

o Lake Superior Railroad Museum

o Maritime Museum

· Walnut Grove is the quintessential small town, but if your kids are into Laura Ingalls and the “Little House on Prairie” books, it’s a must go.

· If you want to teach your kids about native history and cultures, you can treat them to an authentic Pow Wow. It’s an experience they’ll never forget!

Do you have a weekend to spare?

· A trip to the Boundary Waters is worth it just for the scenery, but also an excellent place for camping and canoeing.

· Grand Marais is a charming artsy town that offers all kinds of family activities such as:

o Grand Portage State Forest

o Grand Marais Lighthouse

o Stone Harbor Wilderness

o Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center

· Itasca State Park offers accommodations for a day or a week or more. It’s a beautiful place to hike, swim, bike, fish, or just relax on a pontoon.

· Wisconsin Dells gets advertised as the World’s best waterpark, but it is so much more. If you have a three day weekend or more head to this place not only for the waterpark fun but the beautiful scenery and other features as well.

Yes, the holidays will be here before we know it. And we’ll have family dinners and celebrations. We look forward to those festivities, and so do our kids. But, before all the hoopla, why not hit the road with the kids. Experience some of the fun, history, and natural beauty this area has to offer.

And, if you need tips on how to keep the kids safe and happy on the way to your destination, check out our last blog.

And, hey, I hope your travels are safe, but if you happen to get caught in a hail storm or your car has a few other imperfections, we can help with that. Give Gray Duck Dent Repair a call and enjoy your fall road trips in style!

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