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Dent Repair Minneapolis

Gray Duck Dent Repair provides paintless dent repair in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas. Our paintless dent repair Minneapolis, MN services are convenient, affordable and quick. By avoiding the use of paint we are able to cut down on the service repair time as well as leave your vehicle’s factory finish in perfect condition.

This helps you avoid patchy paint jobs that stick out and grab just as much attention as the dents themselves. We are the experts when it comes to paintless dent repair in Minneapolis, MN! Don’t take out word for it though, find out for yourself!

How does paintless dent repair work?

Our paintless dent repair Minneapolis, MN technicians are able to remove dents from your vehicle without ever having to use paint or fillers. We do this by getting behind the dented area of your vehicle’s dented panels and massaging the metal out to its original form. We achieve this with the use of specialized rods and hand equipment.

Mobile Dent Repair Minneapolis

Gray Duck Dent Repair provides mobile dent repair in Minneapolis, MN and its surrounding areas. That means if you need a dent repaired, we come to you! No more having to break away from your busy schedule to get your vehicle repaired! No more dropping your vehicle off for days at a time at an overcrowded auto body repair shop! Whether you are at home or the office we come to you and repair your annoying dents right there on the spot! We do this because we know the number one reason people put off dent repair is because it’s inconvenient for their busy lives. Don’t let your vehicle damage get worse because you put off the repair, contact us today for the best mobile dent repair in Minneapolis!

Door Ding Repair Minneapolis

Gray Duck Dent Repair provides door ding repair in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas. Whenever you have a minor door ding, don't bring your vehicle to a congested auto body repair shop. They will likely want to replace the original equipment your vehicle came with, which will lower the value of your vehicle and may stand out as an eyesore. Whenever you choose to work with Gray Duck Dent for your door ding repairs, you will get to preserve all of the original parts of your vehicle, as well as the paint job.

We are able to massage out these pesky dents and dings from the back side of of the panel by using our specialized tools that are gentle enough to use on all types of vehicles, including classic cars and luxury models. We are the experts when it comes to PDR and customer satisfaction! Work with Gray Duck Dent for the best door ding repair in Minneapolis, MN every time!

About Minneapolis

  • Minneapolis is located at 44.9778° N, 93.2650° W and has an elevation of 830'

  • Population: 422,331 (2017)

  • Metro population: 3,600,618 (US: 16th)

  • Cool public art installations aren’t limited to trendy coastal cities. With 11 acres of more than 40 permanent art installations, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country. 

  • It's also one of the most giving. As of 2011, nearly 40% of adults in Minneapolis and St. Paul devoted some of their free time to volunteer work. 

  • In 2012, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis hosted the world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival, which was, well, a celebration of cat videos on the Internet. An estimated 10,000 people showed up for the event.

  • More Minneapolis Fun Facts

  • Wikipedia

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